What are the Britannia silver coins called?

The 1997 silver Britannia was the first silver investment coin issued in Europe. Given the popularity of its predecessors, such as the silver American Eagle and the silver Maple Leaf, the introduction of a British currency was logical.
The purity of the Britannia silver coins was originally 0.958; however, in 2013, the fineness was raised to 0.9999 pure silver. Artist Philip Nathan began the underlying plan for the gold Britannia in 1987.2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Silver Britannia coin, which is exempt from capital gains tax in the United Kingdom.

Why invest in silver Britannia Coins?

One of the most popular silver Britannia coins and a prized example of the Royal Mint’s quality and beauty. Due to its high metal content, it is one of the cleanest British coins available. Because they are British currency and don’t have to pay capital gains tax, Britannia coins are a great way to pass along wealth from generation to generation.

1 Oz. Silver Britannia The 1 Oz. is one of the most popular investment coins in the world today. Britannia in silver because it is mass-produced by The Royal Canadian Mint and serves as the official bullion currency of Canada, the one-ounce silver Britannia is one of the silver coins with the lowest prices available.

Aiming for the Striking Standards of the Silver British Britannia The Royal canadian Mint offers bullion-striking, proof, and brilliant-uncirculated options for the silver British Britannia. The Britannia typically has a relatively low annual mintage, despite the fact that the Mint typically reserves proof coins for commemorative coins. The Royal Mint describes brilliant-uncirculated coins as having “less polish and detail” than proof coins, and most of the coins in this series are available in this condition. Bullion coins are typically collected more for their intrinsic value than mint-issued circulating coins, which are produced to the same quality standards. Through doubles striking and machine feeding, the Royal Mint produces brilliant-uncirculated coins at a rate of approximately 100 coins per hour. They frequently lack the same degree of definition as proof coins as a result. They still make excellent investments, collections, and even inexpensive gifts with long-term value due to their 99.999 pure silver content.

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