Marco Polo’s account of the Chinese emperor requiring his subjects to accept paper money or face death was first used in China. They were compelled to comply with that incentive.
At first, our coinage laws made all coins, with some restrictions, legal tender. For instance, up to 25 cents is legal tender. That is to say, you can’t make someone give you more than 25 cents in change or money. Up to $10, quarters, dimes, and half dollars were traditionally legal tender.

Because of its fully declared value, weight, and measurement, gold was originally legal tender. Today, the nominal legal tender value of precious metals coins is typically stated on the coin. It could be a bullion item like the 5-ounce silver America the Beautiful coin, which has a legal tender value of 25 cents and a legal tender value of $1, a commemorative coin with a legal tender value of $5, or something else entirely.

The value of “legal tender” is merely an accounting device. It does not correspond to the coin’s metal content, production costs, or anything else other than what the Mint or the legislature required.
For instance, a platinum $50 bullion coins worth approximately $700 on the open market can be used as legal tender to demand $50 worth of postage stamps at the post office.
Alternately, you can do as I did a few years ago, taking a used 1877-S Trade dollar in Very Fine condition with a legal tender value of $1 and asking the mint to exchange it for a brand-new Presidential dollar. On the open market, the Trade dollar was worth $175, while the Presidential dollar was worth $1.
However, despite the staff’s warning that the older coin was worth “a lot more,” the exchange was carried out by the Mint at the Grand Central Station terminal in New York City.


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